Top ten tips on starting coaching with beginners. Their first lesson:-

  1. Lay down some basic rules on behaviour, bat care etc
  2. Tell them what a bat is made up of
  3. Do some fun games then more fun games
  4. Get them to hit the ball really hard
  5. Get them warm by throwing the ball at each other
  6. Conclude by sitting them down and telling them how good they've been
  7. Give a prize for the one who tried the hardest
  8. Tell them what they can get if they continue to come to coaching i.e. certificates etc
  9. Show them a little rally by good players
  10. Tell the parents how good their kids have been... praise by a parent often brings a kid back!


Follow these simple rules to start a Table Tennis session and stick to them.  Success is not easy in our sport and it takes hard work to get going and sustain a successful club.


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